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The universe is urged to introspect and reassess its relationships with the nations populating our globe. Echoes of ‘OCCUPATION’ permeate the air, deeply impacting even the motherless child and giving rise to the ‘Cry of the Motherless’. This book explores the profound questions: What fuels the intense hatred and antagonism among Earth’s inhabitants? Is this the modern-day manifestation of ‘Cain and Abel’?

Religious ideologies and extremism are pushing humanity to the brink, inciting widespread fear and apprehension at the thought of ‘This Kind of Color’. Political extremism and the audacity of tyrannical leaders edge the doomsday clock ever closer to the final hour. Thus, authoritarians are sternly cautioned to heed ‘The Way of All Tyrants’, forewarned that their end will arrive like twilight over a city.

Meanwhile, ‘Mama Africa still gropes in Darkness’, mired in ‘Forced and Unforced’ errors – a deceptive reality crafted and imposed by ‘Merchants of War’ and ‘Our Slave Masters’. These forces have turned the continent into a tableau of bloodshed, inciting conflict and devastation. Africa stands on the precipice of understanding that ‘Life is a Discovery’.

Reflecting on Nigeria’s 25 years of uninterrupted civilian governance, the nation still longs for the prosperity of the 1970s, with its people yearning, ‘Bring Back those Days!’. Yet, another poignant cry emerges: the ‘Cry of the Childless’ woman. Observing the world more closely reveals two predominant classes: ‘The Nobles and the Miserables’, alongside ‘The Dancing Sun’ – a mysterious global phenomenon. This book features a rich tapestry of literary forms, including free verse, classical poetry, rhymes, sonnets, and dramatized epic narratives. Approach The Dancing Sun with care; it has the power to evoke smiles, tears, and laughter.