GUIDEPOSTS TO VALUE-ADDED LIFE: Practical Steps to an Enriched Happy Life

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The author’s job in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing for the past 21 years exposed him to situations where people – men and women alike, go to cry on his shoulders with their personal problems in confidence. This book contains some of the most useful advice he has given to individuals which they reported that at least they alleviated their conditions. Through this insightful book, “the man of the pulpit”, shares valuable advice drawn from his wealth of experiences, offering practical solutions to personal challenges. You’re welcome to his “active mind”, the Nature’s workshop through the pages of this book. And if you find any inch of its content helpful or useful, he will have achieved his number one goal.
If you can find some time to take a tour of this guide, his promise is that the book could be the timely intervention you need to restore you to your natural state of joy and happiness - two essential marks of being alive often absent in many homes and relationships today.
But Guideposts to Value-added Life extends beyond personal reflection on how to rediscover and retain your happiness, it offers tools for workshops, seminars, and retreats on navigating life’s complexities, whether in relationships or the workplace.
Key Themes and Applications:
Marriage and Relationships: Find some insights into building successful relationships, Dating, Courtship and Love”, “Dealing with divorce and Separation” and “coping with relationships at work”.
Personal Happiness: Learn how to generate and retain personal happiness, independent of any and every situation at work in your life.
Self-Reflection and Goal Setting: Identify and pursue what you truly want in life.
Are you finding it hard to stay married? Are you simply managing to cope with your current relationship? Why are you unhappy with people and even with yourself? What is your definition of a successful relationship and success? Do you even know what you want in life? Getting along with people and situations that are beyond your own making is one of the things this book will teach you. The secret of surviving in “these wicked times” is to decide to generate and retain your personal happiness, independent of external circumstances. How to generate and retain personal happiness is what this book is all about. Take these practical steps to an enriched, happy life and take charge of your well-being.